2017 St. Agnes Golf Open

Army Navy Country Club

1700 Army Navy Drive, Arlngton, Virginia 22202
Phone: 703-521-6800 visit website



Army Navy Country Club

1700 Army Navy Drive
Arlington, VA
(703) 521-6800




Established in 1924, Army Navy Country Club is a private, member-owned recreation facility. The Club draws its membership primarily from Active Duty and Retired commissioned U.S. Military Officers and Warrant Officers. These officers represent all services and range in rank from Second Lieutenant and Ensign to General and Admiral. ANCC is also home to a number of civilian members many of whom have served in our nation's government.

In accordance with the ANCC mission statement, ANCC is to "...provide, at moderate expense, recreational facilities at, or near, the National Capital for, and to promote social intercourse among those citizens, military and civilian, who are bound together by the fraternal and patriotic spirit of serving the best interests and efficiency of the National Defense."
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